Wednesday Injury Report

  • [HB] Brandon Jacobs (knee) // [DE] Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder) // [CB] Terrell Thomas (knee) // [CB] Trumaine McBride (groin)
  • [CB] Corey Webster (ankle) // [WR] Hakeem Nicks (abdomen)

The only new injury of the DNPs is McBride’s, which caused Rolle to play the nickel at the tail end of the Cowboys game and ultimately allowed the game winning field goal. Jacobs, JPP, and Thomas are all scheduled to work tomorrow, as usual. Webster’s return to the field has been a long and puzzling journey, but apparently he’s back and ready to reclaim his starting role now that McBride’s health is in question. Amukamara said today that he knew Webster was back because he was getting on his case during practice, “same old Corey”.

It was certainly a surprise that Nicks was held out last week, but his return to work indicates it may have just been a fluke occurrence. It sure feels like he’ll have a larger-than-normal spotlight down the stretch, especially since there (probably) won’t be any playoff distraction. It’s audition season for Hakeem. With his 0 touchdowns this year and injury riddled history (including this year), the way these final few weeks play out can have a large effect on the contract(s) he’s offered come year’s end. From the Giants, and otherwise.

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