Thursday News

Couple changes from yesterday, so let’s discuss what we’re hearing about each player:

DID NOT PRACTICE :: [RB] Ahmad Bradshaw (knee/foot) — [C] David Baas (hip/shoulder) — [RG] Chris Snee (hip) – [DE] Justin Tuck (shoulder)

Tom Coughlin is hopeful all of these players will put in a little work tomorrow. Bradshaw is on his normal schedule, but we still won’t know if he can play until he tries to go tomorrow. Baas promised he will be able to play, and I for one have no reason to doubt him. We have little indication on Snee, who is arguably the most important player on the list so stay tuned. Tuck was very realistic on his chances re: will he play “I don’t know. We’ll see”. Would be interesting to see if [DE] Adewale Ojomo would be activated if Tuck isn’t ready.

LIMITED PARTICIPANTS :: [CB] Prince Amukamara (hamstring) — [SS] Kenny Phillips (knee) — [WR] Hakeem Nicks (knee) — [WR] Rueben Randle (back) — [S] Tyler Sash (hamstring)

Again, Prince and Phillips looked good in practice and seem like they’ll be ready by Sunday. Nicks got in his first practice reps, as scheduled, so no reason to be worried about his game status. Randle made an appearance on the injury list with a back issue, which would have been more concerning a couple weeks ago but his role has been next to nothing recently. Sash is still coming along from his hamstring, and he should see time on special teams if he’s active.

FULL PARTICIPANT :: [DT] Chris Canty (neck)

More good news, Canty has shaken off his neck issue and will be healthy going into Sunday. He’ll be important providing pressure up the middle against Baltimore.

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