Postgame: Kansas City, L (7 – 31)

So the Giants are now 0-4, and the season opener in Dallas remains to be the only game that was even close. Interestingly enough, the Cowboys are the NFC East leaders at 2-2, which leaves some hope for every team in the division (Redskins, Eagles both 1-3). But the Giants have definitely struggled more than their rivals, and everybody but the guys in the locker room have already written off this NYG season.

Against Kansas City, the worst aspect of our game was the special teams. Another punt return touchdown (that practically ended the game), and another missed field goal. There won’t be any way to turn this season around if these things continue to happen. Our offense will not be able to compensate. Up until McCluster’s punt return, our patchwork offensive line wasn’t performing horribly, and our defense was holding up well and creating turnovers. Still, the lack of consistency on offense will continue to hold us back. Our only points came from a bomb to Cruz, which seems to be the lucky play that hits once in a while. Hakeem Nicks had a few deep passes go his way that he wasn’t able to reel in. Since there’s no reason to believe the running game can ever be effective, we’ll have to stick with the bombs-away-and-pray routine, and that means our wide receivers have to step it up.

Heading into next week, the Giants are hosting the Eagles and the Cowboys host the Broncos. The Redskins are on a week 5 bye. As horrible as the season’s start has been, if we find a way to beat Philly there’s a good chance we are 1 game out of the division lead. But if we don’t beat Philly, then we’re sitting at the rock bottom of the undisputed worst division in football. So let’s just take this one week at a time, and hope that an easy schedule over the next months either a) helps us turn it all around or b) doesn’t change a thing, and leads us to a top 2014 draft pick.

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