[LG] Kevin Boothe Re-signed

The next biggest (and perhaps last) piece in the free agency puzzle is in place, as [LG] Kevin Boothe has signed a one-year deal with NYG. He said he owed it to himself to test out free agency, but wanted to return to the Giants all along. Apparently there weren’t many suitors out there since he wound up accepting 1 year, and once again Jerry Reese has filled a need while spending minimal money.

Reese has really done an excellent job so far this off-season, retaining players and picking up new ones all at very low risk (even Myers’ contract is essentially a one-year). He has worked it out that every position has a serviceable starter, which is exactly what every team wants going into the draft. It just makes the best-player-available concept that much easier to follow. We’ll need to see who the Giants come out of the draft with, and of course the only real way Reese will be rewarded is if next season is deemed a success. But as far as I’m concerned, we’re in as good of shape as possible considering how cap-strapped we were.

Earlier in the week, reports were that NYG was using New Orleans Saints [WR] Marques Colston’s contract as a benchmark for dealing with Victor Cruz. Colston’s contract was a 5-year, $36.3 mil deal ($7.26/year) with $17.7 of that money guaranteed. In my opinion, that’s a bit north of what we should be paying Cruz, especially since we have to take care of Hakeem Nicks next off-season. If Cruz signs a Colston deal (or anything above), I don’t think it’s cause for celebration.

Also going on through the weekend were reports from NFL guru Adam Schefter that [DE] Osi Umenyiora will be signing with the Atlanta Falcons. Many insiders assumed this was a likely landing place because Osi has a home in Atlanta, and the Falcons had released their aging pass rusher [DE] John Abraham. As of yet, no deal has been agreed upon, and the assumption is that the guaranteed $$ is what’s causing the stall in negotiations. But if Schefty says a deal with get done, it’s pretty much a guarantee. So expect to see Osi in the red and black next year.

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