[DE] Robert Ayers Signed 2 Year Deal

Yet another former Bronco makes their way onto the Giants roster as Ayers gets a 2 year, $4 million contract. This move helps fill in the hole left by Justin Tuck, and although Ayers isn’t as high of a caliber player, he comes at 1/3rd of the cost. The former 1st rounder enters a rotation with Pierre-Paul, Kiwanuka, and Moore, and provides the group with a little more experience.

With this signing, there’s only one position on the roster that needs serious attention: tight end. Popular belief is that the Giants plan on using a high draft pick to address the problem, but I think it’s more likely NYG will stick to their best-player-available formula. There will be plenty of serviceable blocking [TE]s out there after the draft, going into spring camps.

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